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A seasoned gold trader waits in line to get his morning coffee. His smartphone rings & alerts him of a potential trade, so he quickly touches the “buy button” which instantly buys gold at $1148. He then proceeds to sell the position seconds later at $1150 for a $200 profit before he’s even ordered his coffee. His objectives are met on this single trade alone before many have even started their work day. Sound unusual? It’s not. This is an example of what happens everyday in the gold cash market. It’s liquid & it moves, fast.

What most people don’t know is that this Trader who’s waiting to order his coffee didn’t even need $1148 to make that trade. He didn’t need anywhere close to that amount to make his $200. That’s because Gold Traders use leverage. Trading Gold has many advantages like this, some of the most popular are listed here.

  • Gold Trades 24-hours a day, Monday to Friday meaning increased opportunities as compared to lousy traditional daytime stock market hours
  • Available leverage with gold is up to 100:1 For every $1 you have you can trade up to $100 worth of gold
  • Profit from rising or falling gold prices – That’s right, you can make $ when prices are falling as well with the push of a button
  • Social Trading – Follow & Copy the trades of other successful Gold Traders. Even view their performance records!
  • New! Trade Binary Options which allows you to choose the price direction in gold (Up or Down) during a time period that you select
  • Access to multiple gold trading platforms for rapid execution of trades – Trade with a Laptop, iPad, Smartphone, Desktop, etc.
  • No Commissions on all trading with your new gold account
  • Cash Welcome Bonus upon opening a gold trading account
  • Free Demo account to Practice Free on
  • 24-hour trading help assistance desk
  • Fully Regulated & Licensed Brokers

In addition to the fantastic benefits of trading gold, we offer a Free VIP Gold Members Blog which contains updated Gold Trading Analysis & Market Commentary.

Gold has become one of the hottest markets to trade in recent years. With phenomenal opportunities presented on a daily basis & all the benefits listed above, this hot yellow commodity will be generating new trader’s from afar for years to come.

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A Few Seconds Changes Everything - Discover.


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Technology to Buy, Sell, & Cash-In; Instantly!

 Technology to Buy, Sell, & Cash-In; Instantly!

With the vast power of the Internet in today’s world, many of the tasks that were impossible years before are now easily managed with the click of a button. Trading Gold Online is no different. Gold Trader’s can now use almost any device that connects to the Internet to Trade. If you have a PC or Mac, it makes no difference. If you’re using a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or even a smartphone (Apple/Android/Blackberry), your ability to buy and sell does not change. Orders are executed instantly. There are multiple trading platforms to choose from to make trading as easy as you want it to be. This makes trading gold that much more appealing in today’s world. Even more incredible is the fact that you can access your Gold Trading profits instantly with your very own Trading ATM Card! It’s never been easier or more efficient to trade oil than with today’s technology. This can only mean that the number of independent trader’s will continue to grow in the years going forward.

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An actual Real-time look Inside the Markets to see what is being bought & sold.

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Forex analysis review Currency trading on the international financial Forex market

  • GBP/USD intraday technical levels and trading recommendations for October 13, 2015
    Posted on October 13, 2015 at 3:38 pm

    Overview:Recently, strong bullish pressure was applied to the resistance level of 1.5800 via the recent bullish swing.That is why, the resistance level of 1.5800 was temporarily breached. Bulls moved towards 1.5900 where the depicted Head and Shoulders reversal pattern was confirmed.Later on, the support level of 1.5555 got breached by the end of the previous month due to excessive bearish pressure, which originated at 1.5800.The GBP/USD pair moved towards the support zone of 1.5170-1.5150 where a valid intraday buy entry was offered especially after the evident bullish rejection that took place on Tuesday (bullish engulfing daily candlestick).Conservative traders were advised to wait for a bullish pullback towards the level of 1.5350 for a low-risk sell entry. It was triggered during yesterday's consolidations. It is running in profits now. S/L should remain above 1.5400.Bearish persistence below the level of 1.5300 (SELL ENTRY) and 1.5200 is needed for further bearish decline towards the level of 1.5100 then 1.5050 (bearish Flag projection target).The material has been provided by InstaForex Company - www.instaforex.com […]

  • USD/CAD intraday technical levels and trading recommendations for October 13, 2015
    Posted on October 13, 2015 at 3:30 pm

    Overview:A bullish breakout above the zone of 1.2770-1.2800 was observed on July 15.The long-term bullish target was projected towards the level of 1.3270 (100% Fibonacci Expansion). However, bulls overcame this level three weeks ago.However, bearish persistence below 1.3270 (Fibonacci Expansion 100%) and 1.3075 (significant Support) is needed to maintain enough bearish pressure to expose the next support levels around 1.2910, and 1.2750 where long-term buy entries should be considered.On the other hand, the price level of 1.3075 constitutes an intraday resistance level to be watched for intraday sell entries. It has offered a new SELL position at retesting that took place earlier today.Trading recommendations:Conservative traders should wait for more bearish pullbacks towards the recent breakout zone (1.2800-1.2750) for a valid buy entry as the breakout level acts as a strong support level.S/L should be located below the level of 1.2700. T/P levels should be located at 1.2850 and 1.2900.The material has been provided by InstaForex Company - www.instaforex.com […]

  • Intraday technical levels and trading recommendations for GBP/USD for October 13, 2015
    Posted on October 13, 2015 at 3:22 pm

    Few months ago, the market was pushed above the weekly key zone around 1.5550 in an attempt to reach the area of 1.5900, which has been providing the GBP/USD pair with evident resistance.The previous weekly candlestick closure above 1.5500 hindered a further bearish decline and enhanced the bullish side of the market towards 1.5670 (previous weekly high) and 1.5780 (61.8% Fibonacci level).However, recent weekly candlesticks came as bearish engulfing candles, closing below the level of 1.5450 (neckline of the Head and Shoulders pattern).It supports the bearish side of the market in the long term. An approximate projection target should be located at the level of 1.5050 for the reversal pattern.In the short term, the nearest demand level is located around 1.5170 (recent weekly bottom and the origin of a previous bullish engulfing weekly candlestick).Weekly persistence below the zone of 1.5170 (the current demand level) is mandatory to allow the further bearish decline to occur.On the other hand, persistence above it hinders the current bearish momentum giving time for more sideways consolidations which may extend up to the price level of 1.5350 which was being tested yesterday.Prominent supply/resistance was seen around the level of 1.5770 (prominent 61.8% Fibonacci level) where the right shoulder of the depicted bearish reversal pattern is observed.That is why, the valid sell entry was suggested for retesting at 1.5770 one month ago. All of its targets were successfully achieved.Moreover, the previous bearish movement found its way towards the level of 1.5200 (prominent demand level), which prevented further bearish decline.Instead of it, evident bullish candlestick took place around 1.5200-1.5170 (resulting in bullish engulfing daily candlesticks) leading to the recent bullish pullback towards 1.5600 (the backside of the depicted uptrend). It applied significant bearish pressure to the GBP/USD pair.As anticipated, obvious bullish pressure was expressed around the zone of 1.5150-1.5200 (previous prominent weekly bottoms). Since then, bulls have been pushing towards 1.5350.The price level of 1.5350 remains a significant supply level to be watched for valid intraday sell entries. Our suggested SELL entry is already running in profits now. Daily fixation below 1.5150 is needed to allow bearish movement to occur towards the level of 1.4970 (weekly demand level).Trading Recommendation:A valid sell entry can was offered around the price level of 1.5350 as it corresponds to a prominent previous bottom. SL should be placed above 1.5450.On the other hand, a low-risk buy entry can be offered around the weekly demand level (1.4970) if a bearish breakdown of 1.5150 occurs soon. S/L should be placed below 1.4930. The material has been provided by InstaForex Company - www.instaforex.com […]

  • Intraday technical levels and trading recommendations for EUR/USD for October 13, 2015
    Posted on October 13, 2015 at 3:12 pm

    The pair moved lower after breaking below major demand levels around 1.2100 and 1.2000 where historical bottoms were previously established back in July 2012 and June 2010.EUR/USD bears have already pushed the price slightly below the monthly demand level of 1.0550 (established in January 1997). Bullish recovery was observed shortly after.April's candlestick came as bullish engulfing one. However, the next monthly candlesticks (May, June, July, and August) reflected the recent bearish rejection, which exists around the level of 1.1450.In the long term, a projected target is still seen at 0.9450 if a bearish breakdown of the monthly demand level at 1.0550 occurs soon.On the other hand, a bullish corrective movement towards 1.1500 can take place only if the monthly high at 1.1465 gets breached.It can be achieved if the current monthly candlestick closes above the weekly high of 1.1465 by the end of the current month (low probability considering September's monthly candlestick that is obviously bearish). Multiple ascending bottoms were established around the levels of 1.0830 and 1.1020. These levels corresponded to the current daily uptrend depicted on the chart.Continuous bullish pressure took place until it faced significant bearish resistance around the levels of 1.1480 and 1.1700.The market looked overbought as bulls were pushing the price further beyond the level of 1.1500 (daily supply level).Hence, a bearish movement towards the level of 1.1150 (61.8% Fibonacci level) took place, which provided evident bullish rejections several times in a row (note the recent daily candlesticks during last week's consolidations).Previously, the intraday supply zone of 1.1360-1.1400 provided significant bearish rejection. An intraday sell entry was suggested with T/P levels placed at 1.1150 (achieved) and 1.1050. The latter was not reached as the price level of 1.1150 prevented further bearish decline.Daily persistence below the level of 1.1150 (61.8% Fibonacci level) was needed to expose the next demand level around 1.0980 where the daily uptrend comes to meet the EUR/USD pair. However, bullish rejection was expressed around the 1.1150 level, which led to the current pullback towards the intraday SELL ZONE at 1.1370-1.1400.Conservative traders should wait for bearish correction towards the zone of 1.0980-1.1000 (the depicted uptrend line) for a low-risk buy entry. S/L should be placed below 1.0950.T/P levels should be placed at 1.1080 and 1.1160. The material has been provided by InstaForex Company - www.instaforex.com […]

  • Technical analysis of USD/JPY for October 13, 2015
    Posted on October 13, 2015 at 2:42 pm

    USD/JPY is expected to trade in a lower range as the pair is under pressure. US indices closed higher on Monday led by shares in the utilities, healthcare equipment and services, and retailing sectors. Trading was quiet due to the Columbus Day holiday with 5.1 billion shares, which are the lowest volume since June 12. The DJIA rose 47.37 to 17,131.86, the S&P gained 2.57 to 2,017.46, and the Nasdaq added 8.17 to 4,838.64. US crude oil futures lost 5.1% to settle at $47.10 a barrel, while gold rose 0.66% to $1,163.77 a troy ounce. The US bond market was closed. There was no major economic data released. The dollar edged lower against other currencies on Monday, as some investors discounted the possibility that the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates in coming months.The pair has reversed down and remained under pressure below its key resistance at 120.10. The descending 50-period MA maintains a bearish bias, and it is currently playing a resistance role. Meanwhile, the intraday RSI lacks upward momentum. The first target to the downside is therefore set at the horizontal support and overlaps at 119.45. A break below this level would open the way to further weakness towards 119.20 in extension. Trading recommendations:The pair is trading below its pivot point. It is likely to trade in a lower range as long as it remains below the pivot point. Short positions are recommended with the first target at 119.45. A breakout of that target will move the pair further downwards to 119.20. The pivot point stands at 120.10. In case the price moves in the opposite direction and bounces back from the support level, it will move above its pivot point. It is likely to move further to the upside. According to that scenario, long positions are recommended with the first target at 120.35 and the second target at 120.65. Resistance levels:120.35 120.65 120.90Support levels: 119.45 119.20 118.75 The material has been provided by InstaForex Company - www.instaforex.com […]


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